Saturday, 11 September 2010

Fluke Networks increase their product prices

As of the 1st of September 2010 Fluke Networks increased their list prices by an average of around 5% taking popular products such as the DTX-1800 to a whopping £6799.00, the DTX-MFM2 to £3325.00 and the DTX-SFM2 to £4573.00, all plus tax.

So if you were thinking of investing in new test equipment you may now want to consider the benefits of hiring versus purchasing which includes no deposits or monthly outlay, no need to arrange extra or extended finance, and no concerns about ensuring your kit is fully up to date, fully operational and in calibration.

Let's assume you do Six large projects per year that your clients insist require emailed or printed certified test results with copies of calibration certificates. You hire the latest manufacture serviced and maintained DTX1800 analyser from us at the current rate of £195 per week making a total of £1170 per year. Now ask yourself, is it cost effective to purchase a £6799.00 tester? Ahh, you might say, but i can use it on all my smaller and medium size installs even if my client doesn't require certification. OK, that is true but then unless you are charging your small and medium sized clients for this premium service that they do not require you are simple giving away your added value.

Ultimately unless you are certifying networks a few times a month hiring from Tester Hire becomes a very attractive low cost option. So let us take the stress and strain of ownership and you give your customers what they need when they want it.

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