Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So how is the economy affecting our business?

Well in truth since mid 2010 testerhire.co.uk has seen a big increase in rental for its DTX analysers and associated fibre products, no doubt in part to the ever increasing list prices of Fluke Networks products but also because of the true value for money hiring over purchasing offers installers and end users. To highlight this fact Fluke Networks have yet again increased their list prices by an average of 10% across the board from 1st February 2011 making a DTX1800 over £7K
What is evident is our customers are turning to rental for in-house testing and self certification, terminating, troubleshooting and diagnoses of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a copper cabling and fibre optics to reduce costs as our weekly rental of these once “specialist” area’s are now available to anyone looking to add value to their business or save their company time and money outsourcing contractors.
In a effort to keep our service at the forefront and to ensure we have product available we are continually adding products to our range, the latest being  the ever popular DTX-OTDR Quad modules which sit neatly onto the DTX1200 or DTX1800 and performs tier 1 testing for Single and Mulimode, 50/125 or 62.5/125 fibre certification. Used in conjunction with our tier 2  DTX-MFM2 or DTX-SFM2 light and power source fibre heads now enables us to offer a full fibre test platform.
In terms of fleet size testerhire.co.uk is now the largest dedicated data testing hire company in the UK, still privately owned and expanding quicker than even we expected which we but down to offering  a high quality product at the best possible price all backed up with a personal customer service from delivery to collection.
If you want to see how we can help save you money and resources for short or long term hire then get in touch by phone on 01275 542 528 or email sales@testerhire.co.uk

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