Friday, 4 March 2011

Fluke Networks makes the DSP obsolete

Fluke Networks have been supporting the DSP series of copper and fibre certifiers for a many years since obsolesence, but unfortunately this support is soon due to come to an end.

As a number of critical components becoming unavailable, DSP Permanent Link Adaptors, Channel Adaptors and other spares will become obsolete at the end of March 2011. Also, repairs are no longer available and calibrations are only possible on units that are in full working order and require no replacement components.

So what better time to think of upgrading to a DTX, weather your thinking of buying or renting. Not only will you see an amazing increase in speed due to it's 9 second autotest you will also benifit from detailed reports, larger storage capacity & superior functionality. In a word if cabling is your business you really should be considering a DTX.

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