Monday, 4 April 2011

DTX1200 v DTX1800, what's the difference?

Here's a question we get asked nearly every day;
"What's the main difference between the Fluke DTX-1200 and the Fluke DTX-1800?"

Well the easy answer is that the Fluke DTX-1200 won't test Cat6a or Level IV (Cat7 & Cat 7a) unlike the DTX-1800 as the DTX-1200 only tests to 350mhz where as the DTX-1800 tests to a much higher 900mhz.
Both testers can still test a Cat6 link in 9 seconds and both can be used to perform identical fibre tests with the relevant additional fibre modules on-board.

So if you looking to test Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 or fibre then either model will be suffice however if your looking to future-proof your installation for systems such as Cat6a,10 gigabit Ethernet of Class FA and CATV then the DTX1800 is the answer.

DTX-1200 £175 per week (ex vat & collection) v DTX-1800 £195 per week (ex vat & collection)

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