Monday, 15 August 2011

Excel Networking added to DTX database

Excel Networking are among the very latest copper and optical cable provider's to have their entire cabling catalogue added to the Fluke DTX cable manufacturer’s database. Fluke has added the Excel products into the latest release of its firmware software, Version 2.52 which is available to download for free from the Fluke Networks website.
The comprehensive listing allows the user to quickly select the cable type to be tested and submit the results for testing making it quicker and easier to obtain a warranty.
Simon Robinson of Excel tells us, “Getting the Excel cabling products added to the Fluke cable manufacturers database was an important and essential job for our installers taking into account that Excel has been voted as the number 3 cabling system in the UK by BSRIA, there are more and more Excel systems that need to be tested.”
Simon continues, “With such wide use of Fluke DTX analysers throughout the UK and Europe and with significantly more Excel projects taking place in these regions, we are simply offering our user's a more efficient way of testing their installations and submitting their results.”
So next time you perform testing and certifications with a DTX1200 or DTX1800, rather than selecting a generic cable manufacturer make sure you visit the cable manufacturers list section so you can determine the exact test parameters allowing for a more consistent, specific and accurate result. 

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