Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tester Hire Introduce the FTK1000 SimpliFiber Pro

The new SimpliFiber Pro Optical Power Meter from testerhire.co.uk for anyone involved in first-line optical fiber cabling installation and verification. Whether you are a fiber technician or contractor, this expertly configured tester allows you too quickly measure loss and power levels, locate faults and polarity issues. Industry-leading features such as single-port dual-wavelength testing and auto-wavelength detection, combined with time-saving capabilities such as CheckActive™, FindFiber™, and Min/Max make SimpliFiber Pro the best fiber test kit on the market.

SimpliFiber Pro is an improved fiber test set that simplifies and shortens the front-line testing process by:
  • reducing the multiple steps and using a simultaneous dual-wavelength testing feature to measure the range of power levels in just half the time
  • allowing for a non-touch solution to check for a live fiber without having to plug into ports
  • enabling a network technician to do time-consuming procedures that normally require a team
Supplied with SC inputs this simple but effect fibre tool can be hired for just £95 per week plus vat. Call our freephone number 0800 093 6001 for more information or vist our website

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